Just a few words about me

I am Leo, a photographer from China, and now live and work in Toronto. I have been a photographer and graphic designer for over 15 years, and photography is more than just a job for me, it's a way of life. I feel extremely lucky being able to do the work that I do and creating images for clients that can appreciate the love and energy that goes into this passion of mine.

I specialise in fashion, portrait, interiors and products photography. Over the years, I accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge of shooting and retouching pictures. I prefer to work with my client to create a plan and vision and then I use my skill to make it come to life. I want to built a story with the photos, set a mood, feeling and leave a lasting impression.

My goal is to provide top notch photographs that not only meet each individual client's aesthetic and budgetary requirements, but also enable the client to market the firm's expertise more effectively with outstanding professional presentations and strong marketing collateral. My formula to a successful business relationship is simple - "Do what is promised, deliver the best work possible, on budget, on time. Period."